Review of the Online Slot Game Circus of Cash

In its heyday, when towns would shut down and all eyes would focus to the wandering band of misfit performers as they arrived to each stop, the traveling circus reigned supreme as the most entertaining sort of event. Exotic animals, skilled performers, and humorous clowns were always features of any great circus. These elements brought excitement, adventure, and a good laugh to every community that the circus visited.

Players are able to experience all of the thrill of the “big top” while simultaneously boosting their bankrolls due to Playtech and their online slot game Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash. This slot game with five reels and twenty-five paylines offers players a lively gaming environment, a plethora of additional features, and an alluring progressive jackpot at all times.

About the Online Slot Machine, “Circus of Cash”

The game’s graphics have never been mistaken for 3D or HD quality, but the dated images and animations are reminiscent of the popular circus promotions that people would find plastered all over town just before the crew of entertainers came rolling into town. The game was brought to you by Playtech, a leading slot developer. The sound is very wonderful, and it brings to mind the grand “big tops” that used to announce the different bonus rounds.

The background of the game consists of a number of “big top” tents with well-known performers in each one. The bonus symbols in this game are shown as various entertaining performances that one may see in a circus. These acts are among the most well-known in the industry. During the course of the game, you can come across a lion and his trainer, a seal juggling a ball, or even a clown being ridiculous. The letters J, Q, K, and A make up the remainder of the less significant symbols. This is a common practice among video slots and can be traced back to the origins of slot machines, which often featured either these letters or fruit.

Characteristics, Particulars, and Symbols

This vibrant and entertaining video game offers players not one, not two, but no fewer than nine separate bonus rounds, as well as a progressive prize. The word BONUS seems to illuminate in a random pattern just below the reels. After a bonus round has been activated, you must strike a circus hammer in order to choose which option is going to be used. The one-of-a-kind bonus rounds that the game has to offer are represented by the circus hammer and the levels that correlate to it.

Here is a rundown of all of the available Bonus Rounds: the Fire Breather, the Lion Tamer, the Rampaging Elephant, the Bearded Ladies, the Strongman Contest, the Knife Thrower, the Clown Car Free Spins, the Tightrope Motor Bear, and the Captain Cannon. Shaving the face of one of the bearded ladies to determine whether or not she is “a beauty” is the Bearded Ladies Bonus, which may be the most hilarious of all.

The man himself, Captain Cannon, is the ultimate prize in this bonus round. He is then sent out of the cannon following the trajectory that the user selects. As he travels through the air, he collides with a number of different things that either increase his speed or decrease it until finally coming to a stop in the barrel of water. It makes no sense, yet it’s a refreshingly creative and entertaining idea.

In all seriousness, what more do you require? This game finds a way to blend all of the recognizable features of the days when traveling circuses existed into a chance to win a large jackpot with each spin of the reels. When it comes to slot games with a circus theme, the fact that players may have a good laugh at the bearded woman being shaved while still having the chance to win a jackpot that can change their lives is about as fantastic as it gets.

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